Nadin (myroadtonowhere) wrote,

I went to see “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2” with a friend yesterday. It was so lovely! And so adorable! And so funny and clever and… OMG! Just go and see it! I loved how for a few moments it was almost a horror Jurassic Park style horror movie, and quite creepy, too xD It was just too lovely and made entirely of cute. I know I write the worst reviews and feedbacks and stuff but yeah…

A friend later stayed at mu place coz it was getting late and we decided she’d crash on my couch. We ended up watching “Mean Girls” and “Easy A” coz she never saw either of those before, which of course was a blast. You can’t not like those, right?

Today was a bit weird and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it though. I went to have coffee with that guy I went to school with, and he’s a nice guy and I like him as a person but I don’t have any romantic feeling for him, and I don’t really know what his expectation are. He’s always very cryptic. Like, he can be quite flirty but if you don’t over think it, it may not be anything at all. Like, we agreed to go and have coffee, and he said – It’s a date! But I have no idea if he meant it as romantic date or just a coffee date. Like, you can have a coffee date with anyone and it doesn’t mean anything. And it was nice. He’s an interesting guy to talk to and he wasn’t flirty or anything but I can never read him. Ugh! An I overthinking it? Goddammit! It wasn’t a date for me but if I was for him, I wouldn’t want to hurt him :S


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