Nadin (myroadtonowhere) wrote,

Just a quick update on… some stuff :P

*I moved to the new apartment, and loving it already! It’s really cozy, and very close to Stanley Park, which is probably my favorite place in the entire Vancouver! Plus, it’s on the 8th floor, and the views all around are just stunning! The only downside of this place is that it’s a fixed 9 month contract :( I’ll be devastated to move out :(

*Now that the school is over, I’ve got to start looking for a job :P which is freaking scary. The good part is that, since I no longer want to do what I’ve been doing before, I can choose anything I like! Except it’s still hard :P And I don’t want to have a boring 9to5 kind of thing again.

*Autumn TV is back!! And with some new stuff, too :) Not sure how I feel about Sleepy Hollow yet but it’s creepy, so I’m in!

*Most of my closest friends have moved back home or elsewhere. Sometimes I feel like I am all alone here… Not to complain or anything but it sucks on every level :( Like, most of time I have no one to hang out with, or go to the movies, or do something else.

*Not to brag or anything, but I stopped eating about 7-8 weeks ago. Not COMPLETELY, like I eat a couple of pieces of plum or apple a day, and I still drink quite a lot of coffee. But I think I had about 4 actual meals in 8 weeks. Not that it helps :( Even with all the exercise and working out, I still don’t lose that much weight :( But I hope that quantity will lead to quality. At least I feel a little bit better about at least trying to do something.

*Going back to dancing, or at least trying to. I’ll see how it goes.

*Updating my iPod to a newer iPod was a pain but I love it so much now :)

*Having a Thanksgiving dinner with some friends tomorrow. I’m still not eating but I’ll have to at least pretend. Yet it’s gonna be fun to hang out with people :)

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