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Woooooow.... O.o





And did I mention WOW?

It was one of the most intense, unexpected, unpredictable, and all kinds of amazing (in a very twisted way) film.

 Goes straight into the list of “Favorite movies I’m not sure I wanna see again”.

Because it was one of the most uncomfortable films I saw in the past few years. 95% of time I was torn between staying and leaving because I wasn’t sure I could handle the tension and uncertainty. Right from the start, it gave off the vibe of desperation and finality. The kind of vibe that usually gives away unhappy endings.
I was ready for it.

I was not ready to see the torture scenes.

I was not ready to ask myself a question – what would I do if my loved ones were missing and the only way to save them was to beat/torture the info out of somebody. It’s very easy to see right from wrong and good from bad when you’re a side observer and everything is kind of black and white.  It is another thing entirely when it is literary a matter of life and death. And strangely, I wouldn’t care about me that much, most likely. Yet, there’s a handful of people out there, some of them probably not having the slightest idea, who I would do anything for.

It wasn’t the movie that was uncomfortable, although I did have a few “Do I just cover my eyes or puke?” moments, but the things that it’s been making me think.

The things that the main protagonist did to the guy he suspected of taking his daughter were horrible and I would even say inhuman at times. I would, however, admit that if the life of someone I deeply cared about was at stake… I would not want to be in the situation like that. My choices would be horrible.

That said, though, and all darkness of the subject aside, the film was beyond brilliant!!

Can we have more of those? Like, considerable more?

I need to watch “My little pony” now…

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