Nadin (myroadtonowhere) wrote,

Lost boys and telephone booths

“15 days without a head” was a lovely book, a bit too much on the YA side for my taste but it was a fast read, which is always a good thing :) It was supposed to be set in Britain but it felt very American. I can usually recognize British literature easily – the language, however ridiculous it is, is very different. It feels differently, if you please. “15 days without a head” felt very American to me.

Also, it was supposed to be pretty dark, but it didn’t have that desperate vibe that the dark and twisted YA books have. It didn’t leave me uncomfortable and asking all those weird questions. I could not even for one moment imagine myself in the main character’s shoes.

It was a fast and easy read, and quite entertaining, too. And it left me feeling nothing at all.

However, the book was written really well! And most of YA fans will [probably] love it :)


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