Nadin (myroadtonowhere) wrote,

Porn and stuff

“Don Jon”.

Not quite sure how I felt about it. It was funny for sure, and I’m pretty sure MORE than realistic. Basically, it’s about a guy who likes porn more than actually having sex with real women because with porn was easier, and because he could “have” whatever he wanted with it.

The film was full of really honest and funny WTF moment, I laughed a lot, and even though this film is one of the reasons why I can’t have a normal relationship – trust issues and all that – but all in all it was rather lighthearted.

Again, it kinda killed my hope for all things love and romance and all that, but it was cute in many ways. Hard to explain. It was rather sobering, and I knew that some of the people around me were disapproving because “It can’t be true!!” but then again, don’t we all wear some sort of pink glasses sometime or the other?

“Don Jon” wasn’t my kind of humor but, oddly, I enjoyed it and found it rather entertaining, too.

Porn aspect aside, it showed us, once again, that there is no such thing as a perfect person, or a perfect relationship, or perfect anything. Again, looks are not everything. Age is not everything. Social acceptance – yeah, not everything. What can look like a match made in heaven on the outside can easily turn being the worst situation you could’ve ended up in. It talks about how you should always be yourself, that changing yourself for another person is betraying yourself, and it never ends well anyway.

I think I would recommend this film to everyone who never takes the movies seriously. Cynical people would definitely appreciate it. Romantics, though (especially romantics in a relationship) – well, you sure you want to get into all this mess?
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