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Not horrible enough

Soooo, “Insidious 2”!

No spoilers, scout’s honor :)

It was okay. Wouldn’t want to see it again, or talk about it much, but it was okay enough. I kept cracking up, all the time. The spookiness came from the shock factor and things jumping at you from the dark, which I personally find the cheapest way to make a horror film. It doesn’t even have to be a ghost, for Christ’s sake! If it’s dark, and when the creepy music is playing, even a kitten will make you scream.

For me, it wasn’t a serious type of horror. Not like “Dark Waters”, or “Darkness Falls”, or – my favorite – “The Others”. Frankly, “Winter’s Bone”, a drama with Jennifer Lawrence that I watched a day before, left me a lot more anxious and unsettled because of the honest brutality of the story than “Insidious 2”.

It’s worth to check it out, though :) But yeah, not my cup of tea.

In other horrible news, a friend of mine didn’t like “We’re The Millers”, which is by far my fave movie of the year. Saw it three time in the theatre, and can’t wait to get a dvd. WHY?????

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