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Good film, bad film

Went to see Riddick last night, and OMG, I can’t even…

Warning – a lot of bashing ahead! Because it was so bad, I have no words (that are not swear words) to describe it.

For one, there was no plot whatsoever. It was overdramatic, to a RIDICULOUS lever. Moreoever, I’m pretty sure it’s 2 hrs long for one single reason – every other scene was slo-mo, and did I mention overdramatic?

The dialogue was hideous, and that come from me – I don’t even notice it half the time! Which is a shame. Most of the acting, however, wasn’t too bad. I regularly wanted to punch the main antagonist, he was THAT unlikable, but some of the other characters – aside from Riddick, that is – weren’t too bad. Then again, I am the last person to judge.

But all in all, they seemed to have taken list of all DON’Ts and made the movie out of it. Really, guys, I don’t even care that much about $7.50 (god bless cheap Tuesday) but I seriously want those 2 hours of my life back.

So, Julia and I ended up cracking up and giggling, and IDK, trying to make the time go faster or something.

And then we went to see Secondhand Lions at her place coz we both needed something to stop us from poking our eyes out or self-inflicted lobotomy. And it was so good!! Such a sweet story with lovely cast, adorable plot, a lot of laughs and fun, and a whole ton of powerful messages throughout the film.

Secondhand Lions is basically a coming of age story about a young boy named Walter who was sent by his whore of a mother to spend summer with his eccentric uncle while she was in school having fun in Vegas.

I won’t give away too much if you hadn’t seen it, and I highly recommend it :) Check it out!
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