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Can I go back to being 7?

Grad was fun!

Okay, at first it was rather embarrassing, with all the interviews of us they were screening for everyone, and all the sad and weepy messages and stuff :P (and OMG, my voice is so horrible! How do I even have friends?? Jeez!)

But it was cool, and hilarious at times. And all the teachers that managed to make it there? Well, so grateful for that! I mean it’s all cool that we’re all “grown-ups” now (don’t..!!!) but I’m not sure we’re ready to live in the big and scary world without some guidance yet :P God, I speak like I’m 12 :P Aaaaanyway….

It was the grad party that turned very bittersweet because people started crying and stuff. Well, the guys started crying The guys got drunk and started crying. The girls were just staring because, duh? That was too OOC to process at the time. Hm…

I refuse to think about any of that just yet. It’s too sad and just too—IDK I refuse to face the reality, deal with it. This year was just too good to just end :P And yeah, I do expect to sink into some sort of post-graduation blues anytime now :S It feels nice to have a break but it feels a bit too much at the same time. There was a certain kind of stability and comfort in having the same people around you for a year. How can it change now?

*My crush is moving away!!! Goddammint, can someone give me a hug and a tub of ice-cream?

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