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~I AM SUCH UNBELIEVABLE IDIOT IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!! God, it really annoys hell out of me that whatever I do comes out wrong. It there some sort of diagnosis? Because I am pretty sure that if you open a dictionary and look up for a definition of “idiot”, you’ll see my face. And it would be one ugly photo as well *headdesk*


~So, 4 days off. I basically forgot where I work and what I do, which was really nice for once. The weather wasn’t all that welcoming so I slept a lot, minus having that one yoga class on Friday because there’s no way I’m ever skipping yoga unless I’m dying. Good times! Can I have more of those days with guaranteed salary?

~In other news, Sara Canning was cast as a lead in the new TV show “Primeval: New World” which is a spin off from the UK show “Primeval”. Currently, they already film it in Canada, and it should come out on UK and Canadian screen later in 2012. I’m super excited about it! Being a lead means she’s going to be in each of those 13 episodes of season 1, and maybe more if the show gets renewed for more seasons :) Yay? Hell, yeah!

Naturally, I am catching up with the UK “Primeval” because I am crazy like that, and it’s awesome lol So, the show is not bad. Season 1 practically rocked. Season 2 was utterly lame. But season 3 is quite cool so far so I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes. It sucked that they killed my fave character in the end of Season 2 but what else is new? My faves always die. I quickly recovered from it because ep 1 of S3 started in the Department of Ancient Egypt of the national Museum in London which is, like, one of my fave places in the world, so it was cool. Minus the fact that I got lost there once but really, the place is HUGE.

So, yeah, this show is pretty good, and if you hadn’t watched it, I recommend checking it out. But for your own sake, skip S2 :P The other reason that makes me super excited about “Primeval: New World” is that it was created by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. The very same Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens that produced The Lost World – the show I was obsessed with for about 5 years in the beginning of 2000s because it was really awesome. Which makes me believe that “Primeval: New World” is going to rock, big time.

~Over my way too short days off I also developed an addiction to Cinnabon Rolls. Normally, I don’t eat pastry. Okay, scratch that – normally, I don’t eat. But they are so damn good! And, well, what’s the point of working out like crazy if you can’t reward yourself with some delicious goodies? I’ll try to keep it reasonable though :P but I don’t promise anything!

title or description

~My school thing is not working out. It was a reason of a huge and ugly break down on Saturday. I really feel bad about it. Empty and somewhat dead on the inside. I was so looking forward to it :( Not fair, you know. I was so looking forward to it but now my life doesn’t make any sense all over again. Can I just curl into a ball and sleep for the next 50 years?

~Finished “Safe Haven” by N.Sparks. Nothing changed about my feelings since the last post, I’ve got to say. I don’t regret reading it because I have a goal to read ALL of his books, and I am 3 books away from it, but unlike some of his books I re-read every now and then just for the hell of it, this one I will never pick up again. The best part about this book was the ghost of Alex’s wife that befriended Katie/Erin. But since we didn’t know she was a ghost until the very last page, it doesn’t really count. Much.

~Paley Fest is LA was really awesome. So great that they had live broadcast from TVD panel last night, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much. It made me miss all the conventions that are just out of my schedule even more now but it was so awesome to listen to them all fool around and all :) I loved them referring to Matt’s twitter fanfics (because he is so cool like that!) And really, it was just great :)

~Watched “Serendipity” with mom on Saturday night. I remember the time when I was crazy about that movie, about the message that it carries – that even when some things are meant to be, it doesn’t mean they are meant to be right away. Bittersweet. I really should find a hobby and stop thinking about these things.

~Speaking of movies, I really want to tinfoil

~My life is so exciting I really don’t know what to do with myself these days :P
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