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~It has been scientifically proven that a person will die faster from lack of sleep than from lack of food and water (namely, in about 10 days), which basically makes me a living dead because I slipped into insomniac patterns again X___x I have no idea why it happens (aside from, IDK, having all that coffee maybe :P). It sucks, and no, I cannot possibly cut down on coffee because I can’t live without it -___- Vicious circle :P


~Last Saturday I finished reading “Looking For Alaska”. 1. I hated it for being so short! How can a book so awesome end so fast? I don’t get it, and my very first instinct was to start reading it again right away. 2. I hate myself for not picking it up earlier because now I have no idea how I even lived without having this book in my life before. I mean, seriously? 3. Cold hearted bitch that I am, I nearly sobbed my eyes out.
I know that books are subject to personal tastes and preferences and stuff… but this book is, like, a must-read for anyone and everyone.
My next one will be “The Fault In Our Stars”, also by John Green, and I see floods of tears coming

~Went to the mall yesterday and got myself a new jacket and a very beautiful hair clip :) Happy bunny

~My official admission papers arrived from school on Saturday morning. This is getting serious O.o I mean I still can’t believe it actually happened and all, but seeing that envelope with the campus plan and my acceptance letter and signed contract… To say that I’m freaking out is to say nothing :P

~I’m back to watching TVD again. As a truce, I decided I would mute all Alaric/Meredith scenes together, especially the romantic ones. But now that Elijah is back, and so are all of his siblings, I’m quite hooked on finding out what’s going to happen next. Also, they really need to cut down on killing Alaric all the time,. First, I’m losing 10 years of my life every time I see him bleeding [granted, I knew he was in the 3x15 description so I knew he wouldn’t die but still! And second, it’s getting really old. Of course between him dying and him hooking up with ‘dirty little doctor’ (I’ll never be able to thank Damon enough for these words), I’d still choose dying, but it’s annoying that they can’t come up with a decent storyline for him :P

~Speaking of TV shows… SARA CANNING WAS ON SUPERNATURAL!!!! *-* It’s kind of really cool how Lauren Cohan got to guest star on TVD and now Sara was on SPN, and my imaginary life is basically complete lol Now they really need to swap again, and bring Lauren back to SPN, and Sara to TVD, respectively :)

Ahem… This episode was AWESOME! Well, not only because of Sara (only 80% because of her lol). That steamy hot scene in the beginning… I loved it how Carina McKenzie tweeted something like: And now if some fictional universe Alaric Saltzman is very jealous xD
Because he totally should be. because Dean hot what he didn’t, and it was one hell of a scene, too!
And OMG she’s so pretty and perfect and all things flawless… You’re entering a crazy fangirl zone here.

I mean, just look at her! She’s so pretty!
title or description

Poor Sara. I totally spammed her twitter TL during the episode but – but AUNT JENNA WAS TRENDING WORLDWIDE!!! Which proves how much Jenna is missed on TVD :((( Good thing is that Lydia (Sara’s character) hadn’t been killed off on SPN so there is always a chance for her to come back in that case, which I am going to hope for madly :P

It was a bit unexpected to see her being some sort of a supernatural being though because initially she was supposed to be human, and even though after that promo with her getting pregnant and giving birth within 1 day it was clear that something was wrong, I still thought that it wasn’t her fault, that it was some spell or smth :P

As for the rest of the ep… it was sad how Sam killed the girl in the end when Dean was clearly hesitating. And even though she was supernatural, she was still his kid, and maybe Sam could have tried to understand that and maybe tried to find a cure for her or whatever so that she didn’t need to kill :P it was really, really heartbreaking…

In non related news, I am a horrible, horrible writer. My fic is so overdue it’s just unbelievable. I wish I had time/inspiration/strength to dedicate more time to it. I really hate myself for not paying more attention to it because it really is one of a very few things for me that actually keeps me sane. So, maybe the fact that I don’t write all that much these days explains why I am gradually going crazy…

~Totally random… cuddling with my cat Romeo :)

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