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New start

Some of the stuff here is 'friends only' for obvious reasons :) You know to fix that!

Nadin ;)
I went to see “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2” with a friend yesterday. It was so lovely! And so adorable! And so funny and clever and… OMG! Just go and see it! I loved how for a few moments it was almost a horror Jurassic Park style horror movie, and quite creepy, too xD It was just too lovely and made entirely of cute. I know I write the worst reviews and feedbacks and stuff but yeah…

A friend later stayed at mu place coz it was getting late and we decided she’d crash on my couch. We ended up watching “Mean Girls” and “Easy A” coz she never saw either of those before, which of course was a blast. You can’t not like those, right?

Today was a bit weird and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it though. I went to have coffee with that guy I went to school with, and he’s a nice guy and I like him as a person but I don’t have any romantic feeling for him, and I don’t really know what his expectation are. He’s always very cryptic. Like, he can be quite flirty but if you don’t over think it, it may not be anything at all. Like, we agreed to go and have coffee, and he said – It’s a date! But I have no idea if he meant it as romantic date or just a coffee date. Like, you can have a coffee date with anyone and it doesn’t mean anything. And it was nice. He’s an interesting guy to talk to and he wasn’t flirty or anything but I can never read him. Ugh! An I overthinking it? Goddammit! It wasn’t a date for me but if I was for him, I wouldn’t want to hurt him :S

Just a quick update on… some stuff :P

*I moved to the new apartment, and loving it already! It’s really cozy, and very close to Stanley Park, which is probably my favorite place in the entire Vancouver! Plus, it’s on the 8th floor, and the views all around are just stunning! The only downside of this place is that it’s a fixed 9 month contract :( I’ll be devastated to move out :(

*Now that the school is over, I’ve got to start looking for a job :P which is freaking scary. The good part is that, since I no longer want to do what I’ve been doing before, I can choose anything I like! Except it’s still hard :P And I don’t want to have a boring 9to5 kind of thing again.

*Autumn TV is back!! And with some new stuff, too :) Not sure how I feel about Sleepy Hollow yet but it’s creepy, so I’m in!

*Most of my closest friends have moved back home or elsewhere. Sometimes I feel like I am all alone here… Not to complain or anything but it sucks on every level :( Like, most of time I have no one to hang out with, or go to the movies, or do something else.

*Not to brag or anything, but I stopped eating about 7-8 weeks ago. Not COMPLETELY, like I eat a couple of pieces of plum or apple a day, and I still drink quite a lot of coffee. But I think I had about 4 actual meals in 8 weeks. Not that it helps :( Even with all the exercise and working out, I still don’t lose that much weight :( But I hope that quantity will lead to quality. At least I feel a little bit better about at least trying to do something.

*Going back to dancing, or at least trying to. I’ll see how it goes.

*Updating my iPod to a newer iPod was a pain but I love it so much now :)

*Having a Thanksgiving dinner with some friends tomorrow. I’m still not eating but I’ll have to at least pretend. Yet it’s gonna be fun to hang out with people :)

...by Gilmore girl

Halfway through “Someday, Someday, Maybe” by Lauren Graham.

Mixed feelings…

The book is definitely well written, it’s funny, witty… but it’s not an easy read for whatever reason. I can’t just breeze through it the way I did through several book in the past few weeks.

Oh well, we’ll see in the end. I am fascinated though, it’s lovely.

Woooooow.... O.o





And did I mention WOW?

It was one of the most intense, unexpected, unpredictable, and all kinds of amazing (in a very twisted way) film.

 Goes straight into the list of “Favorite movies I’m not sure I wanna see again”.

Because it was one of the most uncomfortable films I saw in the past few years. 95% of time I was torn between staying and leaving because I wasn’t sure I could handle the tension and uncertainty. Right from the start, it gave off the vibe of desperation and finality. The kind of vibe that usually gives away unhappy endings.
I was ready for it.

I was not ready to see the torture scenes.

I was not ready to ask myself a question – what would I do if my loved ones were missing and the only way to save them was to beat/torture the info out of somebody. It’s very easy to see right from wrong and good from bad when you’re a side observer and everything is kind of black and white.  It is another thing entirely when it is literary a matter of life and death. And strangely, I wouldn’t care about me that much, most likely. Yet, there’s a handful of people out there, some of them probably not having the slightest idea, who I would do anything for.

It wasn’t the movie that was uncomfortable, although I did have a few “Do I just cover my eyes or puke?” moments, but the things that it’s been making me think.

The things that the main protagonist did to the guy he suspected of taking his daughter were horrible and I would even say inhuman at times. I would, however, admit that if the life of someone I deeply cared about was at stake… I would not want to be in the situation like that. My choices would be horrible.

That said, though, and all darkness of the subject aside, the film was beyond brilliant!!

Can we have more of those? Like, considerable more?

I need to watch “My little pony” now…

Lost boys and telephone booths

“15 days without a head” was a lovely book, a bit too much on the YA side for my taste but it was a fast read, which is always a good thing :) It was supposed to be set in Britain but it felt very American. I can usually recognize British literature easily – the language, however ridiculous it is, is very different. It feels differently, if you please. “15 days without a head” felt very American to me.

Also, it was supposed to be pretty dark, but it didn’t have that desperate vibe that the dark and twisted YA books have. It didn’t leave me uncomfortable and asking all those weird questions. I could not even for one moment imagine myself in the main character’s shoes.

It was a fast and easy read, and quite entertaining, too. And it left me feeling nothing at all.

However, the book was written really well! And most of YA fans will [probably] love it :)

Porn and stuff

“Don Jon”.

Not quite sure how I felt about it. It was funny for sure, and I’m pretty sure MORE than realistic. Basically, it’s about a guy who likes porn more than actually having sex with real women because with porn was easier, and because he could “have” whatever he wanted with it.

The film was full of really honest and funny WTF moment, I laughed a lot, and even though this film is one of the reasons why I can’t have a normal relationship – trust issues and all that – but all in all it was rather lighthearted.

Again, it kinda killed my hope for all things love and romance and all that, but it was cute in many ways. Hard to explain. It was rather sobering, and I knew that some of the people around me were disapproving because “It can’t be true!!” but then again, don’t we all wear some sort of pink glasses sometime or the other?

“Don Jon” wasn’t my kind of humor but, oddly, I enjoyed it and found it rather entertaining, too.

Porn aspect aside, it showed us, once again, that there is no such thing as a perfect person, or a perfect relationship, or perfect anything. Again, looks are not everything. Age is not everything. Social acceptance – yeah, not everything. What can look like a match made in heaven on the outside can easily turn being the worst situation you could’ve ended up in. It talks about how you should always be yourself, that changing yourself for another person is betraying yourself, and it never ends well anyway.

I think I would recommend this film to everyone who never takes the movies seriously. Cynical people would definitely appreciate it. Romantics, though (especially romantics in a relationship) – well, you sure you want to get into all this mess?

"If You Find Me"

Just finished another absolutely fantastic book, and honestly have no idea what to do with my life.

You know those books that stab you in the heart and leave your head spinning, and you gasp for breath, unable to process what just happened?

“If You Find Me” by Emily Murdoch did just that!

It was so sad, and heartbreaking, and somehow full of hope that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it, which didn’t take long.

“If You Find Me” is a story about two sisters who lived their whole life relying on no one but each other, until their meth addicted mother realized that she can’t take care of them, and sent the older girl’s father and child services to get them from the national park where they lived in the camper and bring them into the real world.

It was a bit on a YA side, and all in all it is a coming-of-age story, but there was something about it, about the writing, too, that gripped my very soul, cheesy as it sounds.


Not horrible enough

Soooo, “Insidious 2”!

No spoilers, scout’s honor :)

It was okay. Wouldn’t want to see it again, or talk about it much, but it was okay enough. I kept cracking up, all the time. The spookiness came from the shock factor and things jumping at you from the dark, which I personally find the cheapest way to make a horror film. It doesn’t even have to be a ghost, for Christ’s sake! If it’s dark, and when the creepy music is playing, even a kitten will make you scream.

For me, it wasn’t a serious type of horror. Not like “Dark Waters”, or “Darkness Falls”, or – my favorite – “The Others”. Frankly, “Winter’s Bone”, a drama with Jennifer Lawrence that I watched a day before, left me a lot more anxious and unsettled because of the honest brutality of the story than “Insidious 2”.

It’s worth to check it out, though :) But yeah, not my cup of tea.

In other horrible news, a friend of mine didn’t like “We’re The Millers”, which is by far my fave movie of the year. Saw it three time in the theatre, and can’t wait to get a dvd. WHY?????

Good film, bad film

Went to see Riddick last night, and OMG, I can’t even…

Warning – a lot of bashing ahead! Because it was so bad, I have no words (that are not swear words) to describe it.

For one, there was no plot whatsoever. It was overdramatic, to a RIDICULOUS lever. Moreoever, I’m pretty sure it’s 2 hrs long for one single reason – every other scene was slo-mo, and did I mention overdramatic?

The dialogue was hideous, and that come from me – I don’t even notice it half the time! Which is a shame. Most of the acting, however, wasn’t too bad. I regularly wanted to punch the main antagonist, he was THAT unlikable, but some of the other characters – aside from Riddick, that is – weren’t too bad. Then again, I am the last person to judge.

But all in all, they seemed to have taken list of all DON’Ts and made the movie out of it. Really, guys, I don’t even care that much about $7.50 (god bless cheap Tuesday) but I seriously want those 2 hours of my life back.

So, Julia and I ended up cracking up and giggling, and IDK, trying to make the time go faster or something.

And then we went to see Secondhand Lions at her place coz we both needed something to stop us from poking our eyes out or self-inflicted lobotomy. And it was so good!! Such a sweet story with lovely cast, adorable plot, a lot of laughs and fun, and a whole ton of powerful messages throughout the film.

Secondhand Lions is basically a coming of age story about a young boy named Walter who was sent by his whore of a mother to spend summer with his eccentric uncle while she was in school having fun in Vegas.

I won’t give away too much if you hadn’t seen it, and I highly recommend it :) Check it out!


"The Scorpio Races"

Picked it up in the library by pure accident - the book I was looking for was checked out and I needed SOMETHING.

And my God, was it the best accident imaginable!!

This book is AMAZING!! So well written and so compelling I can't put it down :D And this, sadly, almost never happens :P

So yeah, I'd talk more but I have a book waiting :D



Movie night

Last night Marie screened 2 Quebec movies for Julia and me, and I can’t not share.

The first was “The Five Of Us” (“Elles étaient cinq”) which was a film about 5 girls who’s been friends their whole lives going to their parents’ cabin in the woods (yep, you can already feel where this is going) for a weekend. They toss a coin to choose who is going to hitchhike to the nearest village to get more beer and apparently maple syrup for breakfast, and two girls – Manon and Sophie – set off.

On the road, they get picked up for the psychopath (a cute one, of course) and the inevitable happens. Sophie gets raped and killed in front of Manon, and then Manon gets raped and stabbed herself. Somehow, she survives.

Fastforward to 15 years later. The guy gets released from prison.

The four remaining friends who apparently drifted away from each other after the tragic incident get together and go back t the cabin. We learn what happened to them over the years, as well as the details of the rape/murder which weren’t revealed in the beginning.

I LOVED that film! It was beautifully made. From the technical point of view, the shots were great. As for the story, it was very simple and yet very powerful. You could basically see inside the girls’ heard – how messed up they were, how what happened affected all of them, how they were so close it hurt them to stay close after the tragedy. And how sometimes people get away with what they’d done and they have a second chance while their victims don’t.

And you can’t, just can’t not like this song

The second film was called “C.R.A.Z.Y.” and it was slightly less powerful than the first one – firstly, because it was a bit less tragic, and secondly, because it was about a guy. I kinda hate saying that but I generally can relate to female characters better.

Anyway, “C.R.A.Z.Y.” was a coming of age story about a gay man in the 70’s-80’s when it was a big deal. He was the second youngest son in the family, and having 3 older bullies of brothers wasn’t making it any easier.

This film also was really good, although unlike the first one, it had too many very unlikable characters, and I had a much harder time following the story because I was too busy being annoyed with most of the people on the screen. Still, the story was bitter-sweet and heartbreaking, and it was quite shocking to see how little changed since 70’s and 80’s in terms of social understanding and acceptance. Yes, it was generally a coming of age story, but I would also refer to it as ‘how society ruins people’ story as well.

There shouldn't be 'good' in goodbye

Took mom to the airport.

Wanted to cry.

Couldn’t. The break down will prob happen soon though.

She bought us two funny pillows in the gift shop. Hugging mine now. The apartment feels empty.

It doesn’t matter that I’m 2-freaking-8, I miss my mommy :( It’s been a long year, and who knows when we’re going to see each other again.

Goodbyes suck :(

We had the most amazing 2 weeks though :) So much fun and bonding and stuff. Not really having friends was easier when she lived closer :S Damn my social awkwardness! Damn the distance! :(


Say Hi to the Millers!

Finally got to see “We’re the Millers” last night.


It is officially my favorite film of 2013 so far xD It was so awesome!! Incredibly hilarious but smart, never dragging, very fast paced, with nice twist and turns, and a very interesting resolution. Maybe a tiny bit predictable but nothing to complain about. I was laughing nonstop. The acting was good, the cast they chose for the film was perfect. And Jennifer Aniston… well, I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years not (WOW!!) She’s always the best. I should have known.

My initial concern was the whole weed dealing thing, as it is a personal pet peeve I can’t seem able to overcome (sorry, not sorry), but the way they played it out worked very well. And more importantly, it wasn’t dumb like 95% of comedies I’ve seen in the past few months. Like, all of my friends were going crazy over “This Is The End”, and I apologize if any fans are reading this, but this film was the worst way I could have possibly wasted 2 hours and $13, and I’m not getting back either.

“We’re The Millers”, on the other hand, regardless of being absolutely unrealistic – but then again, it’s not what we go to the movies for – was rally… well, adorable. Don’t want to go into details (aka spoilers) in case someone hadn’t seen it yet, but I do highly recommend it if you like smart but incredibly funny movies :)

Go and see it now!

Aug. 31st, 2013

Bits and pieces:

~My BFF moved back to Seattle :S Me iz sad :( I did, however ran into him at the bus station on the way to Whistler coz he was in Van for one night because of some show or whatnot. Freaked my mom out (a lot) when I suddenly squealed and threw myself at him :) Sorry, mom!

~ Gotta start looking for a new apartment to move (hopefully) in October. Can we please skip the whole looking-packing-moving part and go right to settling in the new place?

~ Crush is still here but he moves to Toronto in a couple of weeks. I was thinking about talking to him but chances are, I’ll chicken out and just hole up until it’s too late. Again, nothing new.

~ They don’t have Yves Saint Laurent’s “Baby Doll” in Canada O.o How am I supposed to live without my fave perfume??? Same goes for Shediran’s liqueur but I kinda got used to it already. But “Baby Doll”!!! Gah!

~ When I was in Victoria, a friend texted me with the news about our mutual friend who, apparently, was at the hospital after the suicide attempt :/// And I don’t even have direct contact with her coz she’s in Europe :( WTH?? This is just too big and too horrible to process :( Gonna try to find out more as soon as I can :( Impossible to wrap my mind around it.

~ Saw Wolverine with Julia. Yes, I’m a fan of the X-men series, in general. They don’t have much plot but they do normally have hot shirtless guys and some cool action scenes, so that’s ok. Not sure what I expected from this one but it wasn’t “Transformers-meet-Anime” o.O Not saying it was a bad thing or anything, just not what I expected AT ALL. It feel like it was sort of X-men’s response to Fast-and-Furious’s “Tokio Drift” coz apparently Japanese stuff is popular these days?

~ Do I or do I not turn this blog into a music blog? Probably not completely, but I should a least start reviewing the bands I go to see :)

~ Job hunt? Not my fave thing but gotta start thinking about it:/ ~le sigh


Mother unit is in town :D

Having mom around is cool! finally got to do all the touristy stuff I never had time for before :) And I hadn’t seen her since last August :P That was hard.

She loves it here and I’m happy about it. The only downside of her visit (and I hate myself for finsing one because the news about her coming over was the best thing that could have happened!!) is that I have to sleep on the couch. :/ My back, and my neck, and about 1000 other parks of my body hate me so much right now. Ouch!! But it’s worth it, so I’ll just shut up :)


My new BFF

Victoria is so pretty!!!


It was a dark and stormy night....


And of course we picked THE rainiest day of summer to go to Whistler :P What else is new?


Anyway, more stuff to come when we’re done :)

Bookworm is back :)

Finally finished “The Gift” by Cecelia Ahern.

Nothing, nothing will ever be as good as “Thanks for the memories” but it was indeed an entertaining read. As always, her writing style is just exquisite. And don’t get me started on how I miss everything Irish :/

I am currently 4 books behind my Goodreads reading challenge :P Feeling so bad about it! Last year I was at least 5 books ahead at all times :S Gotta start catching up fast! It’s kinda horrible that I couldn’t read as much as I used to this year ~le sigh

Moving on to "Days of Blood and Starlight"!

Can I go back to being 7?

Grad was fun!

Okay, at first it was rather embarrassing, with all the interviews of us they were screening for everyone, and all the sad and weepy messages and stuff :P (and OMG, my voice is so horrible! How do I even have friends?? Jeez!)

But it was cool, and hilarious at times. And all the teachers that managed to make it there? Well, so grateful for that! I mean it’s all cool that we’re all “grown-ups” now (don’t..!!!) but I’m not sure we’re ready to live in the big and scary world without some guidance yet :P God, I speak like I’m 12 :P Aaaaanyway….

It was the grad party that turned very bittersweet because people started crying and stuff. Well, the guys started crying The guys got drunk and started crying. The girls were just staring because, duh? That was too OOC to process at the time. Hm…

I refuse to think about any of that just yet. It’s too sad and just too—IDK I refuse to face the reality, deal with it. This year was just too good to just end :P And yeah, I do expect to sink into some sort of post-graduation blues anytime now :S It feels nice to have a break but it feels a bit too much at the same time. There was a certain kind of stability and comfort in having the same people around you for a year. How can it change now?

*My crush is moving away!!! Goddammint, can someone give me a hug and a tub of ice-cream?
I met Eric McCormack!!! I MET ERIC MCCORMACK!!!!! O______O


(shut up, I LOVE him)


Can someone shoot me now?

So, I have a crush :P *headdesk* *facepalm* Dear brain, WTF??? Stop it, like, seriously!!! I don’t like it :/

Yeah, there’s this guy in my class, and I didn’t even care about him until, like, two weeks ago, and he is basically all I can think about, and he is totally NOT into me (because he is not blind or stupid or whatever, so obviously he knows better than that). And even if—well, he‘s moving back home after the grad.


The most ridiculous thing is that we have so much in common it’s freaking creepy. And he’s so nice. And cute.

And did I mention “shoot me now”??

I’m gonna crawl into some corner and cry now.

Except I don’t do crying. So… Ideas? This just sucks :P

PS And then there’s, of course, a guy who has a crush on me, and who is quite direct about it, and who I don’t like AT ALL :S Life is so damn unfair :/

Good times, bad times

I had the most amazing and fabulous week, like, ever!

Well, maybe ‘ever’ is a bit of a stretch, but it was beyond fantastic indeed :) Don’t remember the last time I had so much with so many wonderful and great people!

First of all, we had 3 sketch comedy nights, and that was what I was living for since December! Basically, those are the shows that we as writing students write short sketches for, and then out teacher puts them on stage with the help of honest to god professional actors :D Imagine that!

And I swear, there is no bigger high than making people laugh. Three nights of laughing until everything hurt, and then laughing even more – let me tell ya, it was awesome! I wish we had more of these shows during our school year :( Basically, it was ‘who need sleep, anyway?’ kind of week :)

So yeah, sketch shows on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights with awesome after-parties afterwards. Met so many incredible people! Feeling so blessed and so inspired right now, you have no idea :)

And then there was my friend’s musical on Saturday, which was beyond fantastic! I am a huge and avid fan of theatre and I miss it greatly now that I barely have time for any kind of life outside the school, but it was so, so good to go back to it and enjoy a wonderful performance :)

Which was then followed by some girl-time with a friend and screening of the webisodes written and created by my fellow screenwriters later that day :)

Needless to say, there is a price to pay for having all these great times – I am stuck at home with a sold, sick as shit -______- And bored out of my mind. Yay?
Oh well, it’s been forever. Damn, I missed LJ.

That said, I am not being negligent. Not at all. It’s just that my life is so intense right now, it’s crazy. Trying to write something about what’s going on is like writing a novel, or at least a full short store every day, and …. Well, I wish I had time to be doing that.

In case anyone is interested AT ALL:

~I’m still alive

~I am still in Vancouver and I love it more than anything in my entire life

~As of the end of December, I’ve been living in my own apartment, no roomies, yay!

~Now, before you started throwing knives (or tomatoes or eggs) at me, I am not a social person to begin with. Even though I do have this growing feeling to be around people lately, which I appreciate. I cannot, however, live with someone else and be comfortable about it, be it a friend or a stranger (like when you get a roomie) not touching the aspect of boyfriend here because it’s out of picture entirely. I mean guys have eyes, and when they see me, they run away.


~School is awesome, and I can’t even begin to say how much I LOVE it!

~I could never have imagined Canada being so rainy and wet. Rains all the time! Getting used to it, but it pisses me off when I can’t ride my bike for too long. It’s getting pretty now though :) With all the trees getting greet and all the blooming! So wonderful atmosphere!

~I love living by the beach and being able to go down there and just listening to the waves whenever I feel like it (read: whenever I am not crazy busy, and when it’s not raining).

~I miss my mom. I miss my cats. I had barely been homesick since I arrived here but it’s been getting to me lately. No idea what to do about it. But at the same time it feels good because… well, because it feels, and it makes me feel alive. Sorry, getting sentimental.

~I feel terribly bad about barely writing prose, mostly because I am head over heels in screenplays now and they are all my school projects. But I barely written any prose at all since November, and it is truly awful for even though I am trying to dedicate my life to film now, I will probably always be primarily a prose writer at heart.

~Hope all is well for each and every one of you :)


Jul. 26th, 2012

~So, talked to boss and told him I wad quitting, and it seems to be fine. They have 5 weeks to find someone to replace me. Well, 4, coz I’ll need a few days to explain everything to her coz it’s a shit load of work to explain to someone new. They better hurry up.

~Can’t believe I’m packing and moving away in some 50 days or so. The closer the date, the more I freak out. It’s growing steadily, and I am all like – OMG how am I going to survive there? What if I can’t find a place to live? What if I run out of money? What if I break a nail? And such. It’s fascinating. I’m a step away from a full blown paranoia and a break down. And in between I am LSD kind of happy because it’s VANCOUVER!!

~My mom had her stitches removed. She’s still chilling out at home, which mainly involves of a lot of cleaning and stuff. Not sure if I'm jealous. Probs not so much. Oh well, as long as she likes it! We went out for coffee and some ice-cream last Sunday and it was cool I think I totally ‘infected’ her with my obsession with sorbets.

~Something’s wrong with the video/media drivers on my PC. Not that I’m an expert or anything so it’s the best way I can describe it without sounding like I’m nuts. Anyway, the PC went to a PC rehab to get properly diagnosed and hopefully treated. And I am not stuck – not in a bad way – with my tiny net book. It has a 11” screen, and after my 22” desktop screen it feels more like I’m using my phone since it’s hardly much bigger than my phone. It’s cool though and I have to get used to it, and it’s all updated and new and as long as I have internet on it, it’s all good :)

~I am currently reading “Let’s pretend this never happened” by jenny Lawson, and OMG YOU ALL SHOULD GO AND READ IT NOW!!! It’s crazy funny and I cry from laughing all the bloody time! xD It’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever read in my life, and it’s just awesome, really. Just check it out, trust me – you won’t regret it ;)

~Also, I read the second book from the Nora Gavin series by Erin Hart called “Lake of sorrows”. So far, it’s not as good as the first one and it lacks the darkness and mystery that I loved so much in “Haunter ground” but since I have all three books already, it’s worth to give them all a try and hopefully, they will turn out being good. But the writing is fine, and there’s little to complain about.

~I most likely won’t renew my yoga membership since it’s probably wise to start saving now. In case I'll have nothing to eat in Van. Which won’t be a problem. Anyway, I take this week off but maybe I’ll sign up for a few classes that don’t require actual membership renewal. We had lots of fun with practicing acro yoga last Friday so it’s hard to decide anything. It’s funny how I will probably miss yoga more than anything when I’m in CA.

~Oh, and scary stuff. Ever had an actual honest to god fight with a drunk homeless person? No? Never do it, it sucks. If only because they stink. Yuck! So, as I said already, my mom and I went to have coffee on Sunday, and when we were back, there were homeless ppl hiding in the bushes near my apartment building. When they saw us, the woman jumped up and tried to break inside the building after us. You can’t just enter, you’ve got to have a key or someone should buzz you in. so, this creature grabbed my mom, which I couldn’t tolerate, so I pushed her but I had bags in my hands and mom was fresh out of hospital where they removed her stitches so she was in no condition for the combat fight. And that horrible stinky drunk got inside and started banging on the first floor apt door. She didn’t follow us upstairs though and mom didn’t let me go back down after I dropped off the bags to kick her ass or smth. Which was a shame but who knew what I could get from her? If they never wash, maybe they’ll carry all sorts of ugly diseases.

That woman left the building then, and then she started arguing with the man who also was drunk and could barely stand of his feet (a very “nice” show from my balcony). They started swearing, then he hit her – yeah, in broad daylight, right in the middle of the apartment building front yard. So anyway, we called the police and had this thing removed from the premises.

It was just a bit scary, you know? Not because I couldn’t kick her ass coz I could. Coz I know where to strike to make it real painful, self defense and all. Only not when I carry the grocery bag, apparently. It was just a very disgusting experience. I have no idea what this person wanted and why the two of them were sitting in the bushes. And why on earth no one called the police before coz I doubt no one saw them, it’s a rather big apartment building and it’s buzzing with life on the weekends.

Either way, it was a very unpleasant incident I wish I could avoid. I just… It was the kind of thing that made me want to take a shower and brush my teeth to wash away the dirt of the world, if you know what I mean.

~You still here? Go and read “let’s pretend this never happened” by Jenny Lawson right now!

~Speaking of, I got “Golden Lily” (book 2 from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead) and book 12 of the Morganville vampires series that I pre-ordered! Yay! More reading! I need to finish the entire Monganville Vampires series before I leave, as well as Nora Gavin series.

100 Things Challenge: Bucketlist

Have a road trip across US, from NY to LA, or vice versa :)

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Jul. 14th, 2012

Some news on Mom’s surgery. It happened, as scheduled, on Tuesday afternoon and so far they say it went okay. There was a slight delay (they took her in at 3 pm instead of 1 pm) and because of that she had to spend the night in the intensive care unit because they wouldn’t let her out of there after 6 pm as they have this rule. Which wasn’t a bad thing coz it meant she had some extra attention this first night after the surgery. I didn’t go to the hospital that evening coz they wouldn’t let me in anyway, and my grandma was there and we decided there was no need for everyone to roan there aimlessly in any case. Grandma talked to the doctor and then told me everything.

I did, however, go to visit yesterday after work. Had to ask my boss to let me go earlier but what the hell? She’s my mom, I would go to see her whenever I want. He was ok with it, though, so it was fine.

She looked much better than I expected, and they insisted she tried to walk and stuff. She didn’t coz she was dizzy after the anesthesia but I made her some tea and she had a banana and I brought her some yoghurt (coz she hadn’t eaten for nearly 2 days) and we talked for a while. I hope she eats well even though the hospital food sucks.

Going to visit her again today after work, and Grandma will stop by before that as well. They are not saying when they are going to let her out but it’s too early for that anyway. Maybe by weekend or early next week. The sooner the better, I think. Well, at least I won’t be freaking out as much when she is at home at last.

Also, they need to give us all info on how to take care of stitches and when she is due for check ups and stuff. I was happy to see her rather cheerful in any way even though the hospitals give me creeps and being there is not fun at all :P

At least I can stop freaking out as well and feel a little bit relieved.


~Nothing fucks up your Friday like realizing it's Monday.

~And I have a week of posts to catch up on.

~I had a week off, which was wasted shamelessly on absolutely nothing. Well, okay, not shamelessly because I do regret not doing more, or at the very least not sleeping better and reading more books and stuff. It was one hell of a wasted vacation. I did the stuff I had planned, like getting my ticket to CA (in case I actually go there) and making some money transfers and doing some shopping [that resulted in nothing but at least I tried].

~My mom’s surgery is tomorrow, and I’m freaking out like hell. Probably more than she does. But anyway. I can’t even sleep properly knowing that she’s going to have that stupid surgery :P

~I was in a small car crash a week ago. I was driving in the rain and this guy decided to cross the road out of nowhere, so I hit the brakes but the road was slippery so my car span a little and hit the pavement border. No one died but even the memory of that VERY long moment makes me shake even now. It’s true that the times slows down when things like that happen and everything feels sharp and horrible. Don’t ever do that, ok?

~Finished the book “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” by John Green. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t particularly good either. I want to read “Paper Towns” and “Abundance of Katherines” as soon as possible.

~Got myself a very cute nail polish that has an effect of the snake skin when it dries. It’s grey and black, and it’s one hell of a torture to apply properly but I like the effect.

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~I had a birthday on Wednesday, June 6. Can’t believe how fucking old I am. I don’t feel like I am 27, but the horrible truth is – I am. Good thing you're never too old for new mistakes :D

~A friend of mine who lives in another city had been in my town for a business trip, and we went out for tea. Well, he had tea and I had some sort of a milk shake. It was nice. I hadn’t seen him for almost a year even though we catch up on skype every now and then, so it was good :)

~I have decided for myself that regardless of the school situation, I am going to quit the job in any case. It gets a bit too unbearable and I need to change something before I actually killed someone, which is hardly a healthy way to deal with stress. So, even if I can’t go to school after all, I will in any case look for a new job. For now I just keep my fingers crossed because I really hope it will work out with my school.

~Stay tuned for more boring news

100 Things Challenge #6 + stuff

~You know that funny thing that happens as the time passes by? You forget things. Like that Matt Barr was in “The House Bunny” or that Emily Van Camp and Simon Baker were in “The Ring Two”. Primarily because I didn’t care the first time around, but still. Thanks to the weekend TV for reminding me :) Note – I almost forgot how bad “The Ring Two” was. I utterly loved part one, mainly because it was so creepy when I watched it the first time that I really couldn’t sleep for quite a while. Compared to it, the second part was too disappointing to even mention it. Not scary at all, not even a little.

~Also, I watched ”New year’s eve” because that’s what I do in summer – I watch Christmas movies and pretend that I’m not melting in the heat :P It was good. And I almost believed it wasn’t that hot :P

~Did some shopping with Mom yesterday. Mostly grocery stuff, although Mom dragged me to check out some boutiques, too. Which was full of drama because I saw the boots of my dream in one of them but they were SO DAMN EXPENSIVE that I nearly had a breakdown there coz I wanted them so bad and Mom had to basically drag me out of there :P It was embarrassing but really, I’m going to keep drooling over them until they are on sale :P

~I really need to start packing soon coz I know it’ll take me forever to sort everything out. Except I am totally blocking it all out in my mind and I am totally in denial about the whole situation. I’m nuts, I know, I know…

~I wanted to make some crazy highlights the next time I dye my hair, like bright pink or blue or smth like that, but it looks like it’s a rather complicated procedure :((( So disappointed. I am tired of being boring.

~100 Things challenge: Bucketlist

#6 Ride Harley Davidson bike… coz I’m crazy like that :D And coz I LOVE bikes ♥

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~Mom is home and busy doing shitloads of cleaning coz she is bored O.o she’s so much more efficient when she’s sick than I was during my ‘healthy’ vacation :P Not something to be proud of, I guess.

~Having my last yoga class on Friday :( I already miss them all but I decided to save and go to yoga or dancing in Van instead :P It’s a bit too hot and not entirely comfortable to take yoga classes now anyway. It was much better in winter :S So, that’s it. I plan to go and say goodbye before I leave though coz I plan to meet up one last time with my fave teacher who is traveling now.

~Having a period in life when I watch lots of dance movie coz I miss dancing badly. Last weekend I watched “Take the lead” which was good. Started “Stomp the yard” but lost interest halfway through. And now I have to finish “Love n’ dancing”. Yeah, I defo need to get back :P

~Had a mini heart attack last night when I thought I dropped my earring down the drain. There are my fave set I got in Edinburgh. They also have a bracelet with them and I love the whole thing badly. Basically, I wear only that set most of time. So, anyway, there was that sound of metal against the sink, and then I panicked and basically destroyed half of the piping system in my apartment… before finally seeing the earring that was lying near the faucet. *facepalm* Granted, it could only be seen from a certain angle so it wasn’t surprising I hadn’t seen it unless crouched down but still. Embarrassing. Speak of people who tact before thinking.

~Found the design for the new tattoo! YAY!! Now have to figure out when I should make it – while I’m still here or already in CA? Decisions, decisions.

~I am still on a minimum food consumption. Well, I wouldn’t call it minimum [coz I have zero fucking willpower] but it’s still fairly moderate. I have breakfast. And then a small snack in the afternoon. And I drink, mostly coffee. It’s not as little as I’d love it to be but not as much as before. So, I’m proud.

~Currently reading one hell of an awesome thriller series by Erin Hart. On book 1 now but have all 3, so it’s cool. It’s a story revolving two archeologists/historians Nora Gavin and Cormac Maguire working on a sire in Ireland and lots of creepy and strange things happening around. I so enjoy it! My plan is to finish this series and also the remaining books of the Morganville Vampires series I have left before I go to Van coz I’m not sure I’ll have enough time afterwards.

~Speaking of school, now that Mom feels better, she keeps pushing me to proceed so I probably will. I took me so much time and efforts to get in the school and to get the study permit that it’s be a shame to throw it all away, she’s right here. I feel really guilty about leaving but it’d be so much worse if I stay :P

~It’s quite hot but I handle it surprisingly well so far. Not that I spend too much time outside and I have an AC at home but it is somehow manageable by far.

~Look what a wonderful sky we had this morning! It’s almost worth to wake up at 6 am sometimes lol
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~100 Things Challenge: Bucketlist

#4 Go to Niagara Falls

My mom worked in Canada for a while and ever since then I was a bit obsessed of visiting Niagara Falls to see Niagara Fall

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Having the last day with the boss, then tomorrow he is off, and then I have a week of freedom. I know it’s going to be a waste since I am not going anywhere. Instead, I’m going to visit the dentist, which I know I already mentioned but it’s a big stress factor for me.
Dentists are evil.

I am having an “I miss The X-Files” period. As in, I rewatch some episode, primarily from early seasons when the stuff was scary and cool. as much as love some things about the later seasons, the beginning was the best. There was more creepiness and less government crap.

Katie is leaving on Saturday night and we couldn’t quite fix our schedules to have some proper BFF time :( She promised to stop my office tomorrow tho which is good but not enough :( And I have no idea when we’re going to meet next :(

Still waiting…
~Last Thursday I found out that my bike had a flat tire. Apparently, the camera was damaged, so I had to change it. Which is not fun per se, since I can’t do it on my own. Luckily, my former colleague’s husband has his bike repair shop so at least half of the problem was solved. Another problem was that it was quite far away from my place. I couldn’t ride a bike with flat tire, and I couldn’t walk there, so the challenge was to stuff my huge bike into my rather small car. I honestly hope the neighbors enjoyed the show lol I did it though, so I now have a repaired bike with new brakes coz he changed them as well as mine were old.

Anyway, I went to get a new tire first thing in the morning, then I stopped by the shop to make an appointment but he was free so I just left my bike there to get it fixed and then drove my car back home and came back to leave by bike so that I didn’t have to stuff it inside once again.

Yay, I have a fixed bike :D

~A colleague brought me movie “The Artist” on Friday but I was too busy [doing nothing :P] and didn’t have time to watch it yet. I heard it was really good so I hope I’ll watch it soon :)

~I’m not big on movies lately, whenever I try watching smth, it gets boring to me :P I tried watching Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Goslin and Emma Stone on Saturday but I managed to make it through only 15 minutes before it started looking like a horrible waste of time, so I turned if off and went to watch TVD again. I’m on season 1 which in my opinion is the best.

~In other great news –really great – is that my friend Katie who moved away about 8 months ago came for a visit. Her grandma still lives here so she came for almost 3 weeks :D She came to visit me on Saturday and we plan to go out one or two times more before she leaves in the end of April. It’s really awesome because she was my only close friend around here and I miss her greatly :( And who knows when we are going to meet again? We talked for a while, about her life THERE and my life HERE and how some things changed and others remained totally the same. I took her to her grandma’s then, but we sure need to catch up properly later.

She gave me a coffee cat!!! *-* it’s made of cloth that had been soaked in coffee and it smells so good! lol My cats approved hehe

Coffee cat!
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~There’s too much fuss about TVD finale online now, and I’m trying to figure out how I feel about the possibilities and spoilers. They all say major and shocking death in the finale. My bets are equally on Tyler and Elijah. It was made pretty clear that Jeremy was going to come back in S4, and the same goes for Klaus. The rest of them? I wouldn’t call them major or shocking.
Alaric is not quite safe either but they said several times that they want to do more with him s I don’t think it’s him. They won’t kill Caroline for sure. And Matt or Kol or Rebekah dying would be sad but hardly major and shocking.
Another possibility is that they may kill Elena to turn her into a vampire but I hope the fuss is not about it because it would kinda be shocking but not much because we all know it is going to happen sooner or later anyway, and she is the lead character so she is not going to die forever, and it sort of kills the excitement. Honestly, whatever happens to the main trio is always boring because we all know they are not going to die forever, and it really kills the shock effect.
In short, I hope it’ll actually be something big and interesting. Soooo, waiting huh? It’s just… they promise something huge all the time but in the end we never get anything, and it gets on my nerves. Maybe I’m not just THAT into the show anymore to Oh and Ah about everything but there should be something remotely decent about it anyway, and all we have is lots of promises :P

~Matt Davis signed up for so many conventions, and he just HAD to do it on the year that I am not doing any conventions at all :P How not cool is that? The one is in Vienna, and I would SO love to go because I’m crazy about Vienna :P Ah, maybe some other time but I kinda know that the possibilities and chances are slim :( Which brings me right back to my plan to kidnap him and live together on some remote island in pacific ocean lol What? A girl can dream!

~I’m a bad reader :P My progress is very slow the past couple of weeks and I hate it :P Too much distraction lately for reading tho. Not cool either.

~I need to have a girls night out with Mom, maybe in a week or two. Probably when Katie is gone. It’s been ages since we went out together for some pizza and a movie, so obviously it needs to happen. I just hope there’s something good in the cinemas, which is not Twilight or Hunger Games. Again, I have a movie problem. There are very few announcements I’m excited about but I hope we’ll find something good :) I used to live in the movie theatres a while ago :P
Drama of the day – one of my YT videos had been stolen, as in – some freak downloaded it, changed the music and posted it as their own. I am so fucking outraged right now because seriously, it took me a lot of a time and a great deal of effort to make this video, and someone just STOLE IT!! Funny thing, it was tagged, so it is not my video with my name on the tag. Right now, I really wish I could just punch this person in the face, really, really hard! I know it’s YT and basically I can’t clam any copyrights and stuff but this video still had my name tag on it! I mean, seriously?
I posted a comment on the video and also sent a message to that person asking them to remove the video because it is obviously not theirs. I hope they will. And if not, I will just keep doing it every day until they do.

Does anyone know if there is anything specific I can do? Is there any way to report this person for being a thieving jerk?

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