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Some of the stuff here is 'friends only' for obvious reasons :) You know to fix that!

Nadin ;)
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I went to see “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2” with a friend yesterday. It was so lovely! And so adorable! And so funny and clever and… OMG! Just go and see it! I loved how for a few moments it was almost a horror Jurassic Park style horror movie, and quite creepy, too xD It was just too lovely and made entirely of cute. I know I write the worst reviews and feedbacks and stuff but yeah…

A friend later stayed at mu place coz it was getting late and we decided she’d crash on my couch. We ended up watching “Mean Girls” and “Easy A” coz she never saw either of those before, which of course was a blast. You can’t not like those, right?

Today was a bit weird and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it though. I went to have coffee with that guy I went to school with, and he’s a nice guy and I like him as a person but I don’t have any romantic feeling for him, and I don’t really know what his expectation are. He’s always very cryptic. Like, he can be quite flirty but if you don’t over think it, it may not be anything at all. Like, we agreed to go and have coffee, and he said – It’s a date! But I have no idea if he meant it as romantic date or just a coffee date. Like, you can have a coffee date with anyone and it doesn’t mean anything. And it was nice. He’s an interesting guy to talk to and he wasn’t flirty or anything but I can never read him. Ugh! An I overthinking it? Goddammit! It wasn’t a date for me but if I was for him, I wouldn’t want to hurt him :S


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Just a quick update on… some stuff :P

*I moved to the new apartment, and loving it already! It’s really cozy, and very close to Stanley Park, which is probably my favorite place in the entire Vancouver! Plus, it’s on the 8th floor, and the views all around are just stunning! The only downside of this place is that it’s a fixed 9 month contract :( I’ll be devastated to move out :(

*Now that the school is over, I’ve got to start looking for a job :P which is freaking scary. The good part is that, since I no longer want to do what I’ve been doing before, I can choose anything I like! Except it’s still hard :P And I don’t want to have a boring 9to5 kind of thing again.

*Autumn TV is back!! And with some new stuff, too :) Not sure how I feel about Sleepy Hollow yet but it’s creepy, so I’m in!

*Most of my closest friends have moved back home or elsewhere. Sometimes I feel like I am all alone here… Not to complain or anything but it sucks on every level :( Like, most of time I have no one to hang out with, or go to the movies, or do something else.

*Not to brag or anything, but I stopped eating about 7-8 weeks ago. Not COMPLETELY, like I eat a couple of pieces of plum or apple a day, and I still drink quite a lot of coffee. But I think I had about 4 actual meals in 8 weeks. Not that it helps :( Even with all the exercise and working out, I still don’t lose that much weight :( But I hope that quantity will lead to quality. At least I feel a little bit better about at least trying to do something.

*Going back to dancing, or at least trying to. I’ll see how it goes.

*Updating my iPod to a newer iPod was a pain but I love it so much now :)

*Having a Thanksgiving dinner with some friends tomorrow. I’m still not eating but I’ll have to at least pretend. Yet it’s gonna be fun to hang out with people :)
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Halfway through “Someday, Someday, Maybe” by Lauren Graham.

Mixed feelings…

The book is definitely well written, it’s funny, witty… but it’s not an easy read for whatever reason. I can’t just breeze through it the way I did through several book in the past few weeks.

Oh well, we’ll see in the end. I am fascinated though, it’s lovely.
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Woooooow.... O.o





And did I mention WOW?

It was one of the most intense, unexpected, unpredictable, and all kinds of amazing (in a very twisted way) film.

 Goes straight into the list of “Favorite movies I’m not sure I wanna see again”.

Because it was one of the most uncomfortable films I saw in the past few years. 95% of time I was torn between staying and leaving because I wasn’t sure I could handle the tension and uncertainty. Right from the start, it gave off the vibe of desperation and finality. The kind of vibe that usually gives away unhappy endings.
I was ready for it.

I was not ready to see the torture scenes.

I was not ready to ask myself a question – what would I do if my loved ones were missing and the only way to save them was to beat/torture the info out of somebody. It’s very easy to see right from wrong and good from bad when you’re a side observer and everything is kind of black and white.  It is another thing entirely when it is literary a matter of life and death. And strangely, I wouldn’t care about me that much, most likely. Yet, there’s a handful of people out there, some of them probably not having the slightest idea, who I would do anything for.

It wasn’t the movie that was uncomfortable, although I did have a few “Do I just cover my eyes or puke?” moments, but the things that it’s been making me think.

The things that the main protagonist did to the guy he suspected of taking his daughter were horrible and I would even say inhuman at times. I would, however, admit that if the life of someone I deeply cared about was at stake… I would not want to be in the situation like that. My choices would be horrible.

That said, though, and all darkness of the subject aside, the film was beyond brilliant!!

Can we have more of those? Like, considerable more?

I need to watch “My little pony” now…
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Lost boys and telephone booths

“15 days without a head” was a lovely book, a bit too much on the YA side for my taste but it was a fast read, which is always a good thing :) It was supposed to be set in Britain but it felt very American. I can usually recognize British literature easily – the language, however ridiculous it is, is very different. It feels differently, if you please. “15 days without a head” felt very American to me.

Also, it was supposed to be pretty dark, but it didn’t have that desperate vibe that the dark and twisted YA books have. It didn’t leave me uncomfortable and asking all those weird questions. I could not even for one moment imagine myself in the main character’s shoes.

It was a fast and easy read, and quite entertaining, too. And it left me feeling nothing at all.

However, the book was written really well! And most of YA fans will [probably] love it :)

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Porn and stuff

“Don Jon”.

Not quite sure how I felt about it. It was funny for sure, and I’m pretty sure MORE than realistic. Basically, it’s about a guy who likes porn more than actually having sex with real women because with porn was easier, and because he could “have” whatever he wanted with it.

The film was full of really honest and funny WTF moment, I laughed a lot, and even though this film is one of the reasons why I can’t have a normal relationship – trust issues and all that – but all in all it was rather lighthearted.

Again, it kinda killed my hope for all things love and romance and all that, but it was cute in many ways. Hard to explain. It was rather sobering, and I knew that some of the people around me were disapproving because “It can’t be true!!” but then again, don’t we all wear some sort of pink glasses sometime or the other?

“Don Jon” wasn’t my kind of humor but, oddly, I enjoyed it and found it rather entertaining, too.

Porn aspect aside, it showed us, once again, that there is no such thing as a perfect person, or a perfect relationship, or perfect anything. Again, looks are not everything. Age is not everything. Social acceptance – yeah, not everything. What can look like a match made in heaven on the outside can easily turn being the worst situation you could’ve ended up in. It talks about how you should always be yourself, that changing yourself for another person is betraying yourself, and it never ends well anyway.

I think I would recommend this film to everyone who never takes the movies seriously. Cynical people would definitely appreciate it. Romantics, though (especially romantics in a relationship) – well, you sure you want to get into all this mess?
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"If You Find Me"

Just finished another absolutely fantastic book, and honestly have no idea what to do with my life.

You know those books that stab you in the heart and leave your head spinning, and you gasp for breath, unable to process what just happened?

“If You Find Me” by Emily Murdoch did just that!

It was so sad, and heartbreaking, and somehow full of hope that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it, which didn’t take long.

“If You Find Me” is a story about two sisters who lived their whole life relying on no one but each other, until their meth addicted mother realized that she can’t take care of them, and sent the older girl’s father and child services to get them from the national park where they lived in the camper and bring them into the real world.

It was a bit on a YA side, and all in all it is a coming-of-age story, but there was something about it, about the writing, too, that gripped my very soul, cheesy as it sounds.

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Not horrible enough

Soooo, “Insidious 2”!

No spoilers, scout’s honor :)

It was okay. Wouldn’t want to see it again, or talk about it much, but it was okay enough. I kept cracking up, all the time. The spookiness came from the shock factor and things jumping at you from the dark, which I personally find the cheapest way to make a horror film. It doesn’t even have to be a ghost, for Christ’s sake! If it’s dark, and when the creepy music is playing, even a kitten will make you scream.

For me, it wasn’t a serious type of horror. Not like “Dark Waters”, or “Darkness Falls”, or – my favorite – “The Others”. Frankly, “Winter’s Bone”, a drama with Jennifer Lawrence that I watched a day before, left me a lot more anxious and unsettled because of the honest brutality of the story than “Insidious 2”.

It’s worth to check it out, though :) But yeah, not my cup of tea.

In other horrible news, a friend of mine didn’t like “We’re The Millers”, which is by far my fave movie of the year. Saw it three time in the theatre, and can’t wait to get a dvd. WHY?????
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Good film, bad film

Went to see Riddick last night, and OMG, I can’t even…

Warning – a lot of bashing ahead! Because it was so bad, I have no words (that are not swear words) to describe it.

For one, there was no plot whatsoever. It was overdramatic, to a RIDICULOUS lever. Moreoever, I’m pretty sure it’s 2 hrs long for one single reason – every other scene was slo-mo, and did I mention overdramatic?

The dialogue was hideous, and that come from me – I don’t even notice it half the time! Which is a shame. Most of the acting, however, wasn’t too bad. I regularly wanted to punch the main antagonist, he was THAT unlikable, but some of the other characters – aside from Riddick, that is – weren’t too bad. Then again, I am the last person to judge.

But all in all, they seemed to have taken list of all DON’Ts and made the movie out of it. Really, guys, I don’t even care that much about $7.50 (god bless cheap Tuesday) but I seriously want those 2 hours of my life back.

So, Julia and I ended up cracking up and giggling, and IDK, trying to make the time go faster or something.

And then we went to see Secondhand Lions at her place coz we both needed something to stop us from poking our eyes out or self-inflicted lobotomy. And it was so good!! Such a sweet story with lovely cast, adorable plot, a lot of laughs and fun, and a whole ton of powerful messages throughout the film.

Secondhand Lions is basically a coming of age story about a young boy named Walter who was sent by his whore of a mother to spend summer with his eccentric uncle while she was in school having fun in Vegas.

I won’t give away too much if you hadn’t seen it, and I highly recommend it :) Check it out!